Message from the Founder: Mr. Kanifnath Changulpai(Anna)

I am the self made person passed through gods generated so many exams. Born in farmer’s family without any education but mother Anjali’s efforts helped me to take education up to commerce.

Due to lack of finance left college and started working in engineering factory as machine operator. Due to creative nature started own business named Sainath Engineering Works and became one of the most reputed name in defence suppliers.

Will power to do something for needy ones, Started Anjali English School in Wadgaonsheri Pune, where now 1200 children taking education and all are passing through first-class this became possible due to well managed co-operative staff.

Will of extraordinary creation started Modern Marvels International Pre-school in Ganesh Nagar Wdgaonsheri pune, with great ambition to provide high quality beneficial creative education in healthy environment.

Aiming to create national models through Modern marvels.

Thanks god, my family, my friends and all the staff of Sainath group.

Message from the Director: Mrs. Vimal Kanifnath Changulpai

Welcome to Modern Marvels International pre-school. I extend to you and your child a warm welcome from Modern Marvels International Pre-school. Modern Marvels International Pre-School aims to make education an enjoyable and life-long habit to all those who aspire to achieve the highest levels of distinction in academic and personal growth.

Here at Modern Marvels International Pre-School we strive to offer the highest level of quality education for all its students.

Preschool education is more than colors, shapes and play dough. We believe education should not only be a receptive learning experience - an opening up of the brain and pouring information in. It should also be a process of learning through discovery, asking questions and developing problem-solving skills through this process.

What a great joy it is to share and experience your child's early years. It is an honour and a pleasure to have your child at our preschool.